Welcome to Taiji Tips, My Tai Chi Chuan, Martial Arts, and Movement Notebook

Hello, world, and welcome to Taiji Tips! This website and blog is my online notebook for tai chi chuan. I intend to publish helpful notes and observations about tai chi chuan. I will try to keep my articles general to apply to all styles.

I have been practicing tai chi chuan for more than 15 years. My martial arts experience also includes kung fu (which is also taught in my tai chi class), a minimal amount of xingyiquan and baguazhang (also from the tai chi class), ongoing Brazilian jiujitsu for a year, boxing, and kickboxing sparring. I also ballroom danced competitively in the SoCal collegiate circuit and did West Coast swing dancing for a few years. I still enjoy studying ballroom, Latin dance, West Coast swing, and general dance technique. As a result, perhaps I will also write about other martial and movement arts, especially if I can relate them to tai chi.

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